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What are RTA cabinets?

RTA stands for "ready-to-assemble," which explains these products in a nutshell. When you order RTA cabinets, all of the parts have been cut to size, holes drilled where they needed and any finishes you requested applied. Then the parts are stacked, wrapped and shipped to your home. You then fact the job of assembling and installing the cabinets.

Ready-to-assemble or RTA kitchen cabinets offer homeowners to save money on kitchen remodeling. The cabinets are delivered in a flat pack along with all the hardware needed for assembly. Because you do the assembling yourself, you can cut costs significantly.

How does buying RTA save you money?

You can save a substantial amount of money with RTA cabinets. The savings come in two ways. First, because they come to you disassembled, RTA cabinets can be shipped for less than fully assembled cabinets (they take up less room). Second, because you are taking care of assembly and installation, you will save on labor charges. You can hire an affordable handyman to install the cabinets for you if you prefer.

What affects the cost of RTA cabinets?

Your costs can vary significantly depending on such factors as materials, finish, complexity and degree of completion.

At the low end of the cost spectrum are cabinets with white melamine-coated particleboard cabinet boxes and drawers, flat panel doors and paint-grade doors that you paint yourself. More expensive options will include veneered plywood cabinet boxes, hardwood face frames, solid wood doors and dovetailed drawers. Cabinets in odd sizes and with angles can cost more, as can accessories like crown molding.

The RTA cabinets we sell at Cabinets on Demand are made from high quality HDF and are finished and ready to install. You do not have to finish the cabinets yourself. 

Will I have trouble assembling RTA cabinets?

Ready-to-assemble cabinets have become so popular in part because they are so easy to put together. Most products need nothing more than glue, wood dowels and screws (dowels and screws are supplied with the cabinets), along with clear instructions.

Cabinets, drawers and doors are predrilled for attaching hardware and hinges. Often the only tool you will need for assembly is a screwdriver.